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We are full-size folding bikes. Montague is the world’s leading maker of full-size folding bikes.
We focus on performance and ride quality first, creating some of the most versatile bikes on the planet.

“It proved to be a snappy and responsive ride. It’s a bike I’d ride, even if I wasn’t short on space.

Breaking down the bike takes no more than 30 seconds, and in its compact state, it’s easy to carry or stow in the back of a car (in addition to closet).”

Bicycling Magazine

“These aren’t typical folding bikes with the circus wheels. These are bicycles made for athletes with standard size wheels and all the bells and whistles you could want that conveniently fold up and can be stored in your apartment or trunk of your car.

With an emphasis on performance,… Montague Bikes is revolutionizing the folding bicycle for all cyclists.”

Sports Illustrated


Montague bikes use a patented design that delivers the strongest folding frame on the market.


Full-Size Wheels

Full-size wheels offer a smoother ride, better handling, and a superior ride quality to small wheel folders.

High Performance

We know the stigma surrounding folding bikes, and we set out to defy it. All Montague bikes use standard components and a folding design that doesn’t break the frame’s tubing.

Fits Your Lifestyle

Montague offers road and mountain bikes that fold in a matter of seconds for the car trunk, train, or closet. Never before could a full-size bike fit your on-the-go lifestyle.


Montague designs make owning a bike easier. From simple folding to innovative accessories.

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